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Why choose Us?

Technology SolutionsTechnically skilled team members

Sogea Technology provides software, network, cyber, web development, and communications support. Our team members enjoy working with technology and enjoy solving difficult challenges with their IT acumen. Our strength is software and architectural engineering. We are well experienced with building custom software and modifying commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to meet the client’s needs. This includes analyzing products, recommending product changes, hiring the right staff to make those changes, putting together a project plan to phase in those new capabilities, and implementing those development capabilities.

Our programming skills include Java, JQUERY, Cloud, HTML-5, Bootstrap, cross-domain engineering and others. We ensure that our projects meet the clients vetting requirements, approval processes, and security reviews.

We provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) engineering. We plan and install tactical radio, satellite, and wireless systems and we secure these systems with the latest encryption methods. Our team members have supported military and law enforcement groups in urban and tactical exercises. Sogea Technology has tactically certified engineers that can deploy and support hazardous areas.

Why choose Us?

Project ManagementProviding bold leadership

Our project managers and system integrators have vast leadership and technical backgrounds. Our project managers have served in the military, government sectors or worked in commercial industry. They are committed to ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. They have a reputation for “getting in early and staying late” to better organize the day’s activities. Our PMs and system integrators are also technically competent to include being SCRUM master and CISSP certified. They have engineering and technical backgrounds that enable them to translate business requirements into technical requirements. This, in turn, enables customer’s to better move their IT projects forward.

We use Agile methods to manage our projects but we also modify it to incorporate customer process requirements. We have managed large scale enterprise migrations that included the responsibility to migrate legacy data, customize a COTS product, incorporate cross-domain solutions, adhere to security requirements, and brief the program road map to various governing groups. Our PMs are “tactically certified” and often travel globally to ensure that the project requirements are meeting both corporate and satellite location requirements.


Custom SolutionsWe bring it all together

Sogea Technology believes in teaming to bring all the people and skills needed to successfully complete a project. We meet with our customer to listen to their requirements. We then work with the customer to define expectations. We are a teammate on all of our projects understand that our role is part of a greater picture. We don’t shy away from working with our customers and teammates to address challenges that confront the project.

Our process re-engineering, configuration management, quality assurance, requirements management, and information assurance experiences ensure that you are provided with a thorough solution. We have engineering backgrounds that recognize the importance of integrating these capabilities and analytical methods into each project.

Sogea believes in focusing and leveraging an individuals talents. We each bring unique abilities to the project and the key to success is building on those strengths. Project success is measured in many ways to include exceeding customer expectations, delivering on budget and on time, and by delivering results when others said it couldn’t be done. The projects we work on are making a difference. Knowing this is what drives Sogea Technology to push hard to move these solutions forward.

Custom Software Solutions

From Concept to Completion

Planning Phase

Sogea Technology conducts a thorough planning phase prior to implementing any project. We work with the customer to clearly identify the project purpose, objectives, and the desired end state. We emphasize using a phased approach to ensure that team can build on incremental successes. We’ll deliver a project plan (typically in MS Project) that includes milestone, resources, budget, dependencies and communications.

We institute business process reengineering to ensure that the entire business process is accounted for in the redesign effort. We incorporate Six Sigma and industrial engineering methods into these efforts. This ensures that the project maximizes its efficiency gains and the that clients organization receives a large return on investment (ROI). The planning continues through all phases of the project.


Software Development

We typically use Agile and SCRUM methodologies to manage the development cycles. Our project management team works with the architects to translate business requirements into technical development tasks. The development tasks are then assigned to developers based on the team’s sprint capacity. Developers hand over their completed work to the test team. The test cycle concludes when the product owners conduct their own testing to confirm that the requirements were properly implemented.


Bring it all together

The team continues to deliver incremental releases based on the sprint cycle. Sprint cycle durations vary with larger projects typically delivering on a bi-monthly basis and smaller projects delivering in 2 to 3 week increments. The project management team is responsible for ensuring that the release schedule is synchronized with the project plan and that disciplined configuration management practices are maintained. The plan is flexible and provides latitude to allow for new requirements. The project management team provides the client with frequent project updates and ensures that open lines of communication are maintained.

Powerful insights to improve your business.

Analytic capabilities that tell the story

Sogea Technology translates technical data into business information. Our architect, engineers, and project managers have a unique combination of technical acumen, business incite, and briefing skill sets that enable them to contribute in ways that enhance communications and provide unique cognitive analysis that empowers the organization. We believe that information technology is a core mission function and is instrumental to any organizations success.

Our technical leads spend the extra time organizing and communicating information. We believe that coming in early and staying late and organizing ourselves for the next day sets the team up for success by enabling them to perform more efficiently. We communicate project dependencies, relationships, and critical areas for consideration. Sogea Technology also believes in full team participation. The developers, tests, architects, and project managers attend the project demonstrations so that we all understand the customer’s viewpoint. This provides the entire team with a unified perspective. Sogea Technology understands that project success comes from communicating information in a format that the designated audience can understand. We present information in a concise manner so that the decision makers are provided with the information that they need to make the right decision.

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Setting a higher standard

Achieving new efficiencies

Sogea Technology helps customers to convert their data into knowledge. This knowledge empowers the organization to forecast and see information that was otherwise not visible. We have worked with numerous clients to integrate their custom applications with dashboard systems. Capturing metrics and viewing the enterprise picture is a mission enabler that helps an organization tell their story. These organizations gain new efficiencies and cost savings that were previously not on their roadmap. Sogea Technology works with the clients to baseline the “as-is” environment and to communicate the “to-be” environment. We align the organizations long term strategies with project objectives and manage the project so that completed goals can be reported up the management chain .

The end goal is to integrate systems and stand up new capabilities that empower the organization to operate most efficiently. This often means thinking in new ways and undertaking new risks. This also includes overcoming established habits in order to achieve new efficiencies. Sogea Technology understands that information technolgy implementation is more than just keyboards and coding. Its about the people in the organization, their customers, and their mission. We work with the management team to incorporate these factors into our project and communications plans. We ensure that the projects that we implement are user friendly and adaptive. Our business process reengineering analysis looks at the bigger picture and is an important element in involving key stakeholders. These processes and practices are key enablers for moving the technology project forward.

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