Sogea Technology

Everything you need to know about moving IT solutions forward

Why choose Us.

We are driven by a desire to make a difference. Sogea applies sound management techniques and innovative engineering approaches to every project. We are a team that is directly engaged with the latest technologies & looks to apply those technologies for our intelligence, military, and commercial clients. Our strength comes our employees who work at customer facilities. These employees understand the “on the ground” realities which make their services more sound than simply providing outside consulting services. Sogea Technology understands that technology is not just about the latest trends. It is about doing the hard work necessary to complete a project to include working long hours or traveling. Our employees follow projects through to completion and ensure that their is continuity for the subsequent monitoring phases.

Our Mission.

To move our client’s information technology solutions forward.

What we Do.

We provide complete information technology solutions for government & commercial clients. Our speciality is working on custom government software development projects that require high-level security clearances. Our team understands that successful project integration requires leadership & having a project manager that can bridge the business with the technical requirements; architectural solutions that account for government compliance, security & approval requirements; developers that understand the relationship between their coding and the larger picture; testers that can account for the possible scenarios, and a team that understands that each other’s success exponentially benefits the entire project itself.

Sogea Technology

To Move Forward

Sogea Technology gets its name from the ancient Swahili word sogea which translates “to move”. Sogea Technology was founded on the principal that IT projects should be moved forward to completion. The team witnessed too many projects being stuck in an “analysis” mode. They were driven by a sense of making a difference by pushing the project through the discussion stages and to completion. Sogea’s focus is on the end goal and is motivated by understanding the positive impact that the solution will have. The company was founded by a software developer and engineer that worked in government & commercial positions. He recognized that successfully completing projects required dedication and a willingness to work flexibly in conjunction with the customer’s schedule. This often entailed staying late or extending TDY’s in order to ensure that the requirements were clearly understood. This work ethic earned Sogea a reputation which continues today.

Sogea Technology primarily supports government clients. We provide complete technology consulting solutions and follow through with the delivery so that our clients can focus on their core priorities. Our employees work on site and interact directly with their government teammates. We team the best software developers with the most dedicated project managers and this, in return, is what moves information technology projects forward .

  • COTS integration
  • Network & cyber
  • Software development
  • Cloud, Big Data
  • Project management
Serving the DC metro region

Join the Sogea Team

Sogea Technology is a small company that delivers big results. We maintain a simple philosophy that our greatest resource is our employees and their families. We believe in maintaining a healthy balance between work and your personal life. That is why we offer a benefits package that emphasizes vacation days, provides top tier health care services, and encourages professional training. We offer extremely competitive salaries that will beat most other companies. Sogea also believes in giving back to the community. We are volunteers at our local charities and donate to numerous non-profit causes.

We are located in Loudoun County Virginia and most of our job openings are located in Northern Virginia. We work primarily with client’s that require high-level security clearances and require our employees to work from their facilities. Most positions offer work schedule flexibility and almost all of them require employees to not bring home work. This, in turn, offers employees a more balanced lifestyle that enables them to focus on their families, friends, and personal activities.

Sogea Technology believes in delivering results for our customers and accomplishing that in an efficient and ethical manner. We look for employees that have those same values and encourage our employees to take care of their customers. Sogea is committed to promoting an environment that encourages innovation and creativity. We reward our employees that provide exceptional customer service and solicit the employees advise on improving customer service. Sogea Technology meets monthly with its employees, in a casual setting, to promote collaboration. Many of our employees have worked professionally together in excess of five years. They share a common sense of commitment which brought them together at Sogea Technology.

  • Ruby
  • DevOps, Jenkins, GIT
  • Java/Spring, C#/.Net
  • Oracle, SQL Server
  • HTML5, Bootstrap

We Move Technology Solutions Forward

Software & Applications Development

Designing and implementing customer software solutions for our clients. Sogea Technology can build you a custom application or modify a COTS product to meet your needs. Our engineering and project management principals ensure that requirements are delivered in phases and are flexible enough to meet any changesSogea has the staffing and experience needed to augment your team with competent & dedicated developers. Our experience includes projects with Cloud (C2S/ Amazon), Java, JavaScript, SQL, Spring/Hibernate/REST services, Linux, JQuery, XSLT, HTML, Boostrap, CSS, SSRS, & Ruby on Rails, & Oracle. We work in a collaborative environment utilizing agile & waterfall methodologies. Our developers have worked in many high uptempo and demanding environments and are ready to service your mission requirements.

Systems Engineering

We have experience with tactical, strategic, and cross-domain solutions. Our engineers have tackled the most challenging projects that others simply talked about. We understand that technology are an ENABLER that support the business. Our solutions are designed to support the mission first and foremost. We focus on achieving efficiencies and improving an organizations overall readiness and success. Sogea Technology engineers continue to move these projects forward. This is where we separate ourselves from the competition. Our architects are “hands on” experts that serve as the trusted consultants for their clients. Their experience include designing, architecting, and implementing COTS integration, custom applications & solutions, cross-domain, web-based, & wireless network solutions. We provide in-depth information services consulting, triage, and problem resolution for technology products and/or applications for your enterprise environment.

Project Management

Experience is what counts and that’s what Sogea delivers. Our staff includes project managers that have worked on international commercial projects, military veterans that have served in arduous environments, and technology experts that have served on intelligence projects. Our experiences include requirements clarification, defining key objectives and metrics, project costs and mapping to estimates, identifying program constraints and operating within leadership roles and responsibilities. We translate business requirements into development requirements and ensure that development and testing activities are completed in conjunction with the overall project schedule and priorities. We believe in working late and coming in early so that we can have the day’s activities organized for our clients. Sogea PM’s are your answer to moving your information technology solutions forward.